City and County of Denver Budget
The Backseat Budgeter is an interactive budget simulation tool that allows you to drive the City and County of Denver’s budget. Getting started is easy. Start by clicking on a spending or revenue topic to learn about your options. Then make your selection and see the impact instantly.
Starting with additional revenue! On November 6th Denver residents approved Proposition 2A which allows the City to retain $44 million in 2013 in property taxes that would otherwise be returned to taxpayers. Because of Prop 2A you will start the Backseat Budgeter with $44 million in additional revenue.
Your Limitations. Prop 2A requires the new monies be spent on essential city services such as public safety, services for children, street maintenance, parks and recreation, and libraries; payments to low-income elderly and disabled persons; and business incentive programs to retain and attract businesses to Denver.
Your Task.To balance the budget. Based upon what is allowed by Prop 2A, the Mayor has proposed specifically how he would spend the new money. Those ideas are noted in Backseat Budgeter along with a number of other ideas.
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